Green Man…A St. Patty’s Day Special

Ok, just as in past years, Green Man did not disappoint the masses on this St. Patrick’s Day. Here is a brief collection of some of the Green Man stars from this year.

Green Man on St. Patrick's Day

Green Man St. Patty's Day

Green Man St. Patty's Day

Green Man St. Patty's Day

Green Man is a Bulls SuperFan? Yes.

It never fails. You pop on the Green Man Suit and you’re instantly famous. Nationally famous. TNT reporter Fratello interviews Chicago Bulls SuperFan Green Man “Scott” in this short clip before the Orlando Magic/Chicago Bulls game.

Nice work Scott!

A Little Greenman Dance Off on St. Patty’s Day

We can’t say that rocking the Greenman Costume on St. Patty’s Day will make you dance better, but we can say that you will be the center of attention.

Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Greenman Meets Mayor Daley

Chicago’s longest serving Mayor, Richard Daley, is a tough man to get a meeting with…Unless you are Greenman!

Canadian Super Fans…Taking Over the Olympics in Vancouver

Crimson Canadians in Red Spandex Suits

Supporting Canadian athletes while wearing red spandex suits

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