April 2010 – Green (Wo)Man of the Month

GreenWOMAN has had tons of fun these past few months and it all began one faithful night when a friend was turning 21 and requested that since I had not been able to wear greenwoman on halloween, that I wear the costume downtown in Savannah. I obliged his request, and we went bar hopping and dancing.

It caused quite the stir, I must say! Many people wanted to have their pictures taken with the one and only Green Woman. I was awarded with numerous free shots. The night was coming to a close when we spotted a police officer across the street who needed to be greeted by Green Woman. I crossed the street like any normal person, and approached the officer, and put my elbow on his shoulder and waved to him. He laughed, and said, “hello Green Woman”. I waved back, and headed home with my friends.

Over the next few months Greenwoman went to concerts in Savannah and Philadelphia. Philadelphia was ESPECIALLY pleased with her presence. She raged pretty damn hard at the Disco Biscuits show. In fact, there was a fellow Greenman, who I danced with and received a shout out from the Biscuits, who said, “hello greenpeople”.

Next came the ultimate…St. Patty’s day in Savannah. Greenwoman was in countless photos, a drum circle, the newspaper and forever in the hearts of Savannah locals. There was another greenman and the birds of prey downtown too.

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