July 2010 – Green Man of the Month

The Early Show Green Man

Tanner busting out the Green Spandex just in time for The Early Show.

The Story

My girlfriend bought me a green man suit about 2 years ago. I have been wearing it to basketball games and other social gatherings. I was pretty much our schools unwanted mascot. Our school decided to take a trip to New York City. We visited The Early Show one morning and luckily I brought the suit. I had to wear it under my clothes to prevent all my class from knowing what was about to go done.

I tore off my clothes in the middle of New York City to reveal Green Man. There was only one guy on The Early Show team who knew who green man was. All the anchors had no idea what I was wearing. The stupid weather man called me a used tissue! He thought he was so funny. I attached this picture of the show. My girlfriend is the girl on the left of me. You can also find videos on the internet as well. I did my best to make Charlie proud.


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