May/June 2010 – Green Man of the Month

Mean Joe “greenman” has been making quite the number of appearances in the Des Moines area over the past two months. I first bought the green man suit to wear for Halloween, but decided it just wasn’t the right time for Mean Joe to come out and play. I made my first appearance at a Drake Basketball game. During this game I performed in numerous promotions, including a chicken toss. This was not the only basketball game where green man attended. I made it to 5 games throughout the season always making the difference in score. Opposing players never seemed to make free throws with me under the basket dancing.

Most recently I made an unexpected appearance to the Chicago Cubs AAA affiliate team the Iowa Cubs, where in the middle of a mascot race, I decided that I really wanted one of the mascots to win. I have been to plenty of games and never saw the Chef win. I hopped onto the field soon after the race began, and I used perfect form tackling, and I truck sticked the hot dog. Soon after the Taquito realized he may be in danger. Although I am probably the biggest green man most have seen, I also have cat like speed! And you can never hear me because of the kitten mittens I wear…aka my Timberland Boots.

I proceeded to catch the taquito and drive him straight into the grass in the outfield. Once I got up, I ran straight to the dugout, did a signature green man dance, and disappeared into the mists. It is now rumored that no green man is allowed on the premises of Principal Park.

Though it may be awhile before you’ll see him at an Iowa Cubs game, I would expect to be seeing Mean Joe “green man” around Des Moines more and more, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you saw him at a few Chicago Cub games this year.


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